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Nowadays, computer are part of our lives. They’ve become a really important element in our lives.

And that takes a lot of things with it. We use computers for everything, all our important information is in a little Hard Disk which stores it safely, but, maybe,it is not safe.

All our credit card codes, bank accounts, personal info, photographs,... if anybody access them can cause us a big damage.

Usually,we install, firewall, anti-trojans and software like that preventing anybody in t net can enter our computer, but we forget that if anybody uses our computer can access all our data.

And then it is when Lock My PC enters in scene. Thanks to Lock my PC we will be able to key-protect our PC. We can decide if we are going to protect only one folder, several ones or the whole PC.

After configuring Lock My PC (Not difficult, but really easy) Our beloved data will only be accessed by people who knows our password, so we will not have to worry.

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